Antistiana Cabernet Franc

The fashionable Cabernet Franc grape reaches a ripe expression in this lovely example. Made from organic grapes from some of the oldest vineyards on the property, this wine is for those who want something off the beaten track.


Once the grapes crushed and cooled at 8ºC are sent to a stainless steel tank. Let it be stored at a low temperature (to avoid fermentation) for 5 days to obtain a good extraction of aromatic, color and tannin. This pre-fermentative phase is followed by alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 25ºC for a period of about 20 days. Once the wine has been discovered and the paste pressed, it is deposited in underground tanks to prevent too much temperature loss and the induction of malolactic fermentation is not difficult.

At the beginning of Spring it is deposited into 225 litre barrels, of French origin, of fine grain, and light toast. The next year, after 12 months of aging, the wine from the barrels was removed and bottled.

Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total Acid: 5.2 g/l (as tartaric)
Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/L
Total SO2: 58 mg/L

The paler style of red that Cabernet Franc delivers still delivers bags of interest with raspberry and cassis matched with peppers, violets and a hint of tobacco.

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